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The Keeper (teaser)

Credit: Director 

A laird in Scotland, who presides over a palace and 4500-acre estate, is attempting to redress the imbalance of land ownership in Britain by handing it over to the community. The 25-minute documentary follows his journey as he grapples with his own egalitarian ideals and the inevitable friction that comes with huge upheaval. It was funded by BFI / Doc Society Made of Truth grant and will be released in Summer 2024. 

'Our Land' (trailer)
Credit: Director, produce

'Our Land' is a short documentary that tells the story of Britain’s black farmers, food growers and activists who are shaking up the system; carving their own path in the predominantly white agricultural industry. It was broadcast on Together TV throughout Black History Month, October 2021 and on ITV as part of their Black, British and Breaking Boundaries series and on Sky Documentaries. You can watch the film in full here:
'Our Land' won a BAFTA in the Short Form category (2022) and won Best Director of a Short Documentary at London Director Awards in 2022.
Alexandra was interviewed by Resonance FM about the film, you can listen here.

Swan Song of the Local Abattoir

Credit: Director, producer , editor

Covid 19 has revealed how important short supply chains and localised food systems are to the future of food security in the UK.
This is the story of William Lloyd Williams, a charismatic Welshman who has been battling to keep his local meat purveyor business open for 40 years. Williams rears animals, slaughters them and sells them in the butchers shop in Machynlleth, mid-Wales.

But businesses like his are now few and far between—there has been a 98% decrease in small abattoirs in the UK since the 1930s.
This film is a rare documentation of independent meat production through the eyes of a cattleman-cum-slaughterman, at one of the most crucial times in UK farming history.

The Stage is a Shade Tree (trailer) 
Credit: Creative producer 

This feature documentary explores the potential of theatre to bridge the divide between the marginalised Mursi people in South Omo (who have no political representation) and the Ethiopian government. Olisarali—the first Mursi to learn English and to use a camera—has written a play about his community. He wants to cast Mursi actors and put on a performance at the National Theatre in Addis to show his culture to the rest of the country. It's an ambitious idea but, if successful, it will be an amazing opportunity to transform political and cultural marginalisation—as well as being the first performance of its kind in Ethiopian history. The film will be released in 2024.

"It's Torture": Life as an IPP Prisoner (Premiered on Novara Media)
Credit: Co-director + co-producer  
Adam "Pepsi" Watson—an activist, YouTuber and IPP prisoner—has been campaigning for the rights of IPPs since his release in 2018. He received an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) sentence in 2006 for armed robbery while he was addicted to drugs and homeless, and served three years over his recommended tariff. He is on license for 99 years, meaning he can be recalled at any time.
This film explores the catastrophic mental health impact of these "never ending" sentences, which have been compared to the UK's death row.

"Unexpected Avedon" for
Credit: Director, Interviewer, Producer  
Richard Avedon is commonly known as the man who helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture. What is less well known is his complex photographic relationship with animals. Through unprecedented access to the Avedon archive, this film showcases unseen images and explores a man who was devoutly committed to exquisite photography

"Erik Kessels: How to Photograph Your Black Dog & Other Stories" for

Credit: Co-producer, Interviewer

Erik Kessels defies definition. The Dutch-born creative has lived many lives as designer, photographer, artist, curator, publisher and co-founder of KesselsKramer, an ad agency. This film offers a sideways snap shot at his 20-year-career in which he has experimented and challenged the visual world around him with an offbeat and unmistakable eye. 

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